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Open Positions

We're all suited up right now. If you're sure you're a Titan in waiting, send us a message. We still want to talk with you.

Who We Are

Are you ready to suit up?

We intentionally hire a broad set of personalities, and we want everyone to be their genuine, authentic self. We’re looking for passionate people that are interested in a wide variety of stuff beyond work (we know you're already interested in work, that's the whole point).

We really don’t mind what you’re interested in, we mind that you're interested. Maybe you’re into gardening. Yep, we talk spring planting schedules. Discontinued TV shows from the ’80s, we’re deep into them. Chicken wings, beer, air fryers, we have the recipes you want. Darin has a VERY strong obsession with KISS. We have Slack groups for sports fans AND for people that don’t like sports. We run the gamut. We’re just looking to support each Titan’s wild and wacky interests. If you’re into something, we want to hear it. Chances are, someone is into it too.

We like to say "We take our work seriously but refuse to take ourselves seriously." But we DO expect everyone to demonstrate POTIS every day, in their own way. It's how we hold ourselves and our fellow Titans accountable. What's POTIS you say?


There are 5 traits every Titan must possess, in their own authentic fashion. POTIS Icons

Why work at Irish Titan?

Irish Titan Office 648x420

A Pretty Killer Office Seriously, TitanHQ (aka the mothership) is fabulous, especially if you like green. You like green, right?

Doctor Careers Page Insurance and Retirement Medical, disability, life, 401k, All that normal stuff you need to live. We’ve got you covered. (Covered. Get it? Whatever.)

Watch Careers Page Flexible Schedule We like to treat people like adults who earn the right to be treated like adults. Actually flexible. Demonstrate POTIS, and you earn some flexibility.

Taco Careers Page We Take Lunch Seriously Food truck Thursdays, recipe dedicated Slack channels, lunch trains, and next-level birthday treats; It’s all a big deal here. Our lunch game is strong.

Beer Careers Page Coffee, La Croix, and Beer Free coffee? Tick. Free La Croix? Tick. (Pop too, we don’t judge) Free beer (wine, whiskey, etc)? Tick (but usually later in the day). Remember...we're Irish Titan, not Amish Titan (no offense, they're great bowlers).

Dog Careers Page Pet-First Environment Though we have yet to see a cat (there’s still time), we have our dogs here just about every day. Not a cat/dog/llama lover? We have safe rooms for that.

Dance Guy for Careers Page Sit/Stand Desks Sit or stand. Your desk, your choice. No forms to fill. No applications to complete. No questions to answer. We haven't seen Darin sit at his desk in years.

Part Hat for Careers Page Field Trips & Company Parties Get out of here! Seriously leave. From time to time we just encourage everyone to get out of the office and go have some management approved, officially sanctioned fun. Boxing. Puzzle Rooms. Massages. Fun is good. We like fun. We even have a mandatory, month-long sabbatical after 5 years. Hows that for making you leave.

Hands Praising for Careers Page The Batpole The quickest way downstairs and the longest way back up. It can be done. We've seen it done twice. We even have a Batpole waiver form. Again, not a typo, there is a two story batpole in our office.

Bags for Careers Page Recognition and Swag Company kudos, real recognition for your work, team-focused attitudes, and managers that works for you. Give your coworkers tha kudos they deserve. We’re not unique here, just good at celebrating. New Titans also get a ton of swag. You like green, right?

Our Team Structure

We're the sum of our parts. Plus a little more.

  • SALES Making the wheels of industry turn and keeping us all in our jobs (Their words).
  • MARKETING Actually write the words, plan the events, and even make all our newsletter links green. Attract, convert, delight. All that.
  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Our "relationship whisperers". Remember; partnerships, not transactions.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT Orchestrating and delivering all of our B1O2 experiences.
  • PERFORMANCE MARKETING Data-driven geniuses (citation needed) charting a client's course to digital domination.
  • CREATIVE (UI, UX) Experts in design, content, form and function...and coffee. It's a creative thing.
  • FRONTEND DEV At the coalface, laying the groundwork for success. Don't tell Backend we said that.
  • BACKEND DEV At the coalface, laying the ground work for success. Don't tell Frontend we said that.
  • OPERATIONS "Everything" seems a little broad, but it's not far off the mark.

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