Career Opportunity

Technology Director

Full disclosure: This is not a “by the numbers” job, because we are not a “by the numbers” company. We are, however, the recipient of multiple Best Places to Work awards. And we’re a place for the bold and brave-minded.

We are a rapidly growing digital agency seeking a talented, driven individual to come along not for the ride, but to help chart the course. We’re looking for someone to do more than just fit in; we’re looking for someone to make us better. Culture is on a par with competence, and our culture is based on a combination of:

  • Business First, Online Second™ (Our “Why.”)

  • Partnerships, Not Transactions (Our “How.”)

  • POTIS (Just ask.)

The Technology Director is responsible for the overall performance, capabilities, and composition of Irish Titan’s technical resources. Advocacy for your team will be as important as the accountability to which you hold them. Advocacy will include roles and responsibilities, reviews, and career development. Accountability will be instilled via demanding appropriate technical participation in all engagement stages, budget and schedule performance, and POTIS reinforcement. Command of your team’s responsibilities (what they’re supposed to be doing), activities (what they’re actually doing), and accountability (how well they’re doing it) will be critical. You will have full management responsibility, including employment and compensation, and your success will be determined by retention, client satisfaction, and the consistency and proficiency of Irish Titan’s technical efforts. As a member of the management team, you will work closely with company ownership, directors and team leads. You will play a vital role in developing and echoing company strategy throughout the organization. This is a position of true management and leadership, where you will be expected to echo One Voice, inspire performance, and directly address performance barriers.


Further details include:

  • You will lead in a way that provides direction rather than takes it, that commands excellence rather than excuses mediocrity. Think Jon Snow, not Ramsey Bolton. 

  • Oversite and ultimate responsibility for team performance with greenprints, technical requirements, technical scope, estimates, development efficiencies, and overall team performance on all engagements. 

  • Maintain appropriate technical aptitude to ensure departmental best practices and currency, across the spectrum of backend, front-end, full stack, and sysadmin best practices. This includes team collaboration to develop suggestions, curating offered suggestions, and advocating for amongst the management team. 

  • Significant responsibility for resourcing, working closely with project management leadership to assign appropriate resources, ensure performance towards assignments, and pursue optimal employment levels. 

  • Continuous assessment of technical resources’ skills and capabilities with the intention of maximizing alignment between developer skillset and Irish Titan impact. 

  • Ensuring that your resources are well positioned for organizational success, including both defining and enforcing expectations and working across teams to ensure high-functioning interdepartmental behaviors. 

  • HR responsibilities will include org design, hiring/firing, performance reviews, and compensation plans. The leadership and management of your team will be a critical measurement of performance, and consistent and effective communication structures, such as recurring team and 1:1 meetings, are critical habits. 

  • Management team activities include competency and service offering, budgeting and scorecard/metric definition, and annual strategic planning. 

  • Limited involvement in client activities may include pre-sales exposure and complex technical advocacy. 



  • 10+ years of development experience 

  • 5+ years architecture and systems experience, including platform selection, integration, and customizations 

  • 5+ years of significant responsibility on multiple developer projects with >= 500 hours development budgets 

  • 3+ years of management experience, including employment, compensation, interview, org design 

  • Strong knowledge of ecommerce and/or digital agency environments 

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