Our purpose is four simple words: Business First. Online Second.

We believe in understanding your business model, strategy, industry, and processes - BEFORE making any online recommendations. Sure, we could suggest you build a flashy website, send out monthly email campaigns, build an ecommerce site to sell merchandise online, or start blogging to increase your brand recognition. But, is that going to impact your bottom line or efficiency? Does it make sense? Until we can answer these questions, we won't suggest a thing.

Our Golden Circle

At Irish Titan, we're big fans of Simon Sinek's Start With Why. So much so that we created our OWN version of the Golden Circle. Want to learn more? Let's get in touch.

Business First. Online Second.

We live and die by this philosophy. In fact, we believe in it so strongly that we had it trademarked. And as you've probably figured out, it’s why we’re in business. B1O2 dictates every move that we make, both from an external client perspective AND internal team interactions. It’s how we measure ourselves when we think no one is looking (which is how you know we really mean it), so that we can be confident that we’re making recommendations legitimately in our clients’ best interests. It’s that simple.

In our industry, there are many services that agencies will needlessly sell as the “hot” trend, be that an iPad app, unnecessary social marketing, or ambiguous search-engine optimization (SEO). While these are common (and unethical) practices for many of our competitors, that's not what we do. In fact, we've UNSOLD more iOS apps than we’ve SOLD, because they’re not the right thing for many, many clients interested in them. It would have been the wrong business decision for them, despite the additional zeroes that would have appeared in our bank account. 

That's just who we are.

Partnerships, Not Transactions

We pursue partnerships, not transactions. 

Partnership and Liberation are the yin and yang of Irish Titan—they’re interdependent and interconnected. To move beyond vendor relationships to a true partnership takes more than a mere transaction. It requires trust. Trust that we have your best interests at heart. Trust that we're not going to over-promise and under-deliver. And trust that we'll treat your brand with the same level of care and importance that you do. When we build your online presence, you’ll see we want the same things you do: more sales, more profits, less work.

In a partnership, both parties are responsible for making things work. When something isn’t working correctly, we don’t waste time playing the blame game, we simply own up to our mistakes.

Our Diamond Model

One of the most distinctive elements that separates Irish Titan from our competitors is how we engage. As opposed to appointing one (and only one) point of contact, we intentionally expose multiple resources within our team to all of our partners. This builds deeper relationships, and helps us build a more holistic picture of your unique needs.

How We Work

The Irish Titan Engagement Process
Utilizing our Diamond Model, we assign you your own, personalized team of experts. This offers more and greater resources, AND helps us better deliver the philosophies in our Golden Circle.

Here’s how it works:

  • We liberate you from the frustrations with your online presence.
  • We want long-term partnerships, and engage in a way that fosters them.
  • We speak your language. We’re not here to impress you with syllables, acronyms, and obscure terms. We’d rather you understand us.
  • We want our clients to WANT to work with us. Not feel like they have to.



On fire from the inside.


Carry your own bag.


If you want to go far, go together.


Lean In.


No Amateurs allowed.

These are our five most important traits, which every Titan MUST embody. Our skills may differ, but this never does. This is how we measure ourselves and hold each other accountable to ensure that we are delivering our highest and best work. 

What We Believe

True relationships are inspired by shared beliefs.

Here are some of our favorite philosophies:

(Disclaimer: The vast majority of these were "borrowed" from other people, far wiser than we are. So we're not taking credit for any of them)

  • Fortune Favors the Bold
  • Think big, start small, scale fast
  • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 
  • Conflict is inevitable. Combat is optional.
  • Make Smart Mistakes. Once.
  • It's a desperate cheetah that chases a mouse. 
  • Make the right decision, not the easy one.
  • Bad news does not get better with age. 
  • Leadership is an action, not a position.

Online Liberation

The Irish Titan Declaration of Independence:

We promise to obsess over developing online solutions and relationships that allow you to be as self-sufficient as desired.

What does that mean for you?

That you’re free from managing your online strategies. Free from worrying about your website development and updates. Free from being wrapped up in your latest email promotion. Free from business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce concerns. 

You’re free to focus on your business while we build your online results.

What We Care About

From the outside, we may look like we're all about shenanigans and a certain irreverence for authority. But there are a few things that we never compromise on:


We will always do the right thing, the right way, even when nobody is looking. Some say it. We mean it. Ask our clients.


Our team is comprised of people who understand business and behave accordingly. Our materials, deliverables, and interactions always epitomize this behavior.


Irish Titan is obsessed with excellence and abhors mediocrity. We may be unconventional, but we like success.