We're not like anyone else.

And we don't want to be. One way we're different? We have a clearly defined, completely transparent delivery process, complete with pre-defined budget checkpoints and deliverables. Basically, you could say that we're big on accountability. Here's what you can expect from a project with us.

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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy isn't leave-it-and-forget-it. It's also not cookie cutter - what works for one company could be a huge waste of marketing dollars for another. That's why we create custom digital strategy solutions for each of our clients, based on their unique wants and needs.

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After all the official paperwork is signed, we begin our engagement. The Kickoff phase is short and sweet, but critical to building a solid project foundation. We do "formal" (we're really not that big on formalities) introductions, establish all key players and identify your main point(s) of contact.


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Next, we gain clarity around major project goals, systems and deliverables, essentially outlining the project from functional, creative, usability, and technical perspectives. Project requirements are defined and documented, the design process is kicked off, and site architecture is born.


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Once the major requirements and creative feel for the project are defined, we drill into detailed analysis and specifics of the product being delivered. Within this phase of the project, we produce designs, documentation and deliverables for review, revisions and ultimate sign-off.


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This is where the magic happens. This phase is the meat of the project, characterized by actual project development. It's also time for the bulk of the data, copy and content creation, organization and management.


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Essentially, user acceptance testing efforts. Initial testing is performed internally by the Irish Titan QA team and focuses on features, functionality and performance – related to both online best practices and requirements specific to your project. 


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The final phase of the project lifespan is Closeout, although maintenance efforts and subsequent phases may follow. This phase includes planning for and executing site launch. After site launch, it's time to celebrate.