Our Team

We’re the kind of people you want to work with... AND eat chicken wings with after work.

We may not be who you expect us to be: the tech nerds, the wallflowers, the gamers (although, we will confess to an ongoing obsession with Game of Thrones). Nope. We're professional website designers, e-commerce experts and online marketing strategists. And regardless of what you expect us to look like, our knowledge will always be exactly what you need.

And while we may not all be 100% Irish (but shh... that's a secret), we're all 100% Titan. No freelancers. No contractors. And no off-shore resources.

darin lynch headshot
Darin with KISS face
Founder & Chief Liberation Officer
Black and white headshot of Derek Farder, a young professional male
photo of Derek as a kid
Client Services Director
small headshot
Wint with cat
Frontend Division Lead
Kayla Picciano's Headshot
Kayla Picciano funny face
Director of Client Services
small Headshot
three year old Josh
Support and Recurring Division Lead
Matt Duea Headshot
Matt Duea Fun image
Digital Strategy Lead
Jed Jacobson small headshot
Jed Jacobson as a baby
Web Designer
Brian Cole Headshot
Brian Cole Fun Image
Experience Planner
Small headshot of Paul
Paul at a snowboarding competition
Software Engineer
shane headshot small
Shane funny with tennis ball in mouth
Senior Account Manager
Small Brandon Hagstrom Headshot
Fun image Brandon Hagstrom
Web Designer
Small Anna Kallberg Headshot
Anna Kallberg Fun Pic
Senior Account Manager
Jon-Eric small headshot
JE Pitching
Digital Project Coordinator
Peter Tressler small headshot
Peter Tressler with tye-die and glasses
User Experience Designer
Stephen Quinn headshot
Stephen Quinn Football Team Shot
Communications Director
Ryann Palmer Headshot
Ryann Palmer selfie on the river
Digital Project Manager
Mark Reynolds Digital Project Manager Irish Titan
Mark Reynolds as Napoleon Dynamite
Digital Project Manager
Keith Gulbro Irish Titan
Keith Gulbro Irish Titan
Web Developer
Denis Priebe Irish Titan
Denis Priebe Irish Titan in Sriracha tshirt
Software Engineer
Terra Donahue Irish Titan
Terra Donahue Irish Titan
Office Manager
Sarah Fioritto Irish Titan
Sarah Fioritto Irish Titan with lobsters
Digital Project Manager
Alex Block Irish Titan
Alex Block Irish Titan
Software Engineer
Andrew Lancaster Irish Titan
Andrew Lancaster Irish Titan
Frontend Tech Lead
Jesse Hintze Irish Titan
Jesse Hintze Irish Titan
Frontend Tech Lead
Black and white headshot of Jake Hamilton, a young professional male
photo of Jake as a child
Web Developer
Meghan Small Headshot
Meghan Duran funshot
Marketing Coordinator
Michael Fox small headshot
Michael Fox as a child
Digital Support Project Manager
Jake Williams software engineer Irish Titan headshot
Jake Williams fun picture
Software Engineer
Branden Bell headshot backend developer Irish Titan
Branden Bell fun headshot backend developer irish titan
Back End Developer
Justin Schiltz
Justin Schiltz fun photo
Account Manager
Max Kasel headshot
Max Kasel funny headshot
Digital Support Project Manager
Tanner Jurek headshot
Tanner Jurek
Junior Digital Strategist
Chris Meier headshot
Chris Meier
Dev Ops Engineer
Gunnar Slette headshot
Gunnar Slette
Backend Developer
Dylan Hatch headshot
Delivery Director
Philip Moorjani headshot
Philip Moorjani
Backend Tech Lead
Courtney Ives frontend developer
Courtney Ives
Frontend Developer
Shara Seaman headshot
Shara Seaman fun picture
Frontend Developer
Dave Cocchiarella
Dave Cocchiarella
Project Management Division Lead