Black and white headshot of Jake Hamilton, a young professional male

Jake Hamilton

Web Developer

I started building websites when I was ten, and earned a degree in Media Arts & Science from Indiana University. While there, I helped my student organization win two national web awards. Since then, I’ve worked as a web developer in advertising and customer loyalty agencies for more than five years.

B1O2 to you

B1O2 means defining success a little differently. It means a project isn’t necessarily successful because it looks nice, nor because it breaks the barriers of development, nor that it wins awards… It means a successful project has directly helped the client’s business. After all, if we’re not a business partner to the client – why be any partner?

And “Online second” certainly doesn’t mean it’s on the back burner. It means staying ahead of the curve of the trends on the web, and using those wisely to help the client meet their business needs, and support the “Business first” approach.

I moved from


to Minnesota with only the things that could fit in my car.