Jake Williams software engineer Irish Titan headshot

Jake Williams

Software Engineer

8.5 years of web application development covering almost every programming language and type of application imaginable. Spent the last four years wearing every hat in the tech industry being the lead developer, systems engineer, and dba at previous places of employment. Chose to move to Irish Titan to specialize my skillset and to find similarly passionate individuals in the field.


B1O2 To You


To me, B1O2 means learning about your client’s needs and their industry beyond just hammering out project specifications. Finding what drives your clients and recognize their passion and dreams for their business, and collaborating with them to make that a reality. I think tapping into that enthusiasm appeals to the entrepreneur in all of us, which is exciting.

I “won” a branded t-shirt with my name on it from Kwik-Trip corporate for proving that I drank

thirty 52oz slushies...
in a month.

Believe it or not, I am still alive.