Mark Reynolds Digital Project Manager Irish Titan

Mark Reynolds

Digital Project Manager

I’m originally from Rocklin, California but I moved to Lubbock, Texas for college.  My next move was back west to Northern California where I became an EMT and intern Firefighter for two years.

I eventually joined a contracted security company for nine years. During that time, I operated on site at Apple, Inc. for three & a half years and Google for a year & a half (both in California), followed by four years at Amazon in Seattle.  My positions ranged from Operation Management leadership roles with a team of almost 700, through to a Project Management leadership role that focused mainly on Corporate Security organizational and technical solutions.


B1O2 To You

B1O2 means we start each relationship by determining why our clients do what they do. By starting with “Why” we gain a deeper understanding of a company’s culture and process.  It’s a level of insight that impacts every decision we make for the life of the entire project. The end result is the ability to recommend and implement smart, effective digital solutions. That’s the essence of B1O2 and why it tends to create lasting, trusting relationships.


In Brightest Day, and Blackest Night


-Green Lantern Oath