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Matt Duea

Digital Strategy Lead

I graduated from the U of M – Duluth with a B.A. in Communication.  I was a Franchise Owner at College Pro Painters for 3 years throughout college, and it was in the off-seasons where I began to dabble in online business.  I was a part of a Minnesota-born startup, and was the Technology Manager there for several years.  I love business (especially small business) and I married both Business and Online (they already liked each other before they met me) when I joined Irish Titan in 2015.

B1O2 to you

“Be wary the man with a simple solution to a complex problem.” Here’s the thing – business is complicated. So many sales people promise results while they offer up one-size-fits-all “optimization services”. Don’t get sucked into that. At Irish Titan, we don’t make websites for search engines – heck, we don’t even make them for businesses. At Irish Titan, we make websites for PEOPLE. We don’t make sites for OUR customers, we make them for YOUR customers: whether they’re other businesses, grandmothers, or Martians. We say “Business First, Online Second” because only after understanding what YOU do, can we get to working on what WE do – building beautiful online storefronts that deliver positive outcomes for our clients’ customers. So stop chasing Google (he changes his mind every 60 days). Instead, build web property that is enticing to the user, and watch Google chase you.

There was a 2 year period in my life where I legitimately believed that I could lay malted milk eggs.
My dad has a cruel sense of humor.