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Matt Wint

Frontend Division Lead

Graduated from Brown College of Mendota Heights with a Bachelors in Graphic Design with Multimedia in 2010. Interned for a year at Citadel Broadcasting (now Cumulus Broadcasting) and was hired as full time when internship was done. Started as a Web Developer at Irish Titan on 1/1/2013.

B1O2 to you

It means putting the client’s needs before Irish Titan’s, going above and beyond for the client to exceed expectations. A brief example of this is when a client has a really cool idea but the idea exceeds budget, every possible avenue for accomplishing this task is explored to make the client happy. If a client comes back to us and says that is really cool and we weren’t expecting that, that is business first, online second.

Only ever broken one bone, broke my right leg while dirt biking on Labor Day before 8th grade. Told everyone I was doing jumps and fell, in reality, car surprised me around a corner and the bike slid out.


HubSpot Design Certified