Ryann Palmer Headshot

Ryann Palmer

Digital Project Manager

I grew up on the client side working in various marketing roles beginning at entry level and exiting as a marketing strategist. After eight rewarding years I flipped the switch and joined a small marketing and web development agency where I worked as a project manager. Then, the stars aligned and I became a Digital Project Manager for Irish Titan in October 2016.


B1O2 To You

Delivering superior digital solutions requires a thorough understanding of a client’s business. B1O2 means business strategies, goals and brand are the constant driver of a client’s website and digital presence. We never lose site of the client’s business needs.

My parents named me Ryann because they thought it was a strong Irish name.

They sort of ignored the fact that it’s traditionally a male name. Thus, I had a pretty fun time playing along when the Boy Scout and National Guard recruiters called!