Sarah Fioritto Irish Titan

Sarah Fioritto

Digital Project Manager

I came to work as a Project Manager at Irish Titan after many, many years in the restaurant biz as a server and eventually GM.  While my industry has changed, the basics of project management and restaurant management are largely the same—keep the wheels in motion, be good to your clients, be good to your co-workers.


B1O2 To You

At Irish Titan, our first priority is to understand our client’s business; only then can we deliver online solutions that make sense.  We want to get to know our clients and understand the large picture of how and why their business runs.  After we have a grasp on that, we create an online presence to support and enhance the business’ main objectives.



When I was 6 years old, I wrote a very hostile

5-page letter to Toys ‘R Us.  

You can’t begin to believe how enraged I was by that backwards R.