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Sean Van Dyk

Backend Division Lead

I was a Senior Developer at Modern Climate for three years where I led project development on various platforms to include Sitecore, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, native iOS development and hybrid mobile application development. Prior to that I was a .NET Developer for two years at Modern Climate and specialized in MVC and Sitecore development. I took the occasional dip in IoT platforms as well. I went to school for Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

B1O2 To You

B1O2 means that you unravel the needs of the business to truly understand what objective needs to be. This can sometimes require taking two steps back with the company and rolling through the business before starting to address what they’re online presence should be. Only after really understanding the business can one make the correct decisions in determining how best to promote the company and its brand. Sometimes the conclusion doesn’t entail expanding the online presence and instead requires internal changes. Whatever the outcome. the business should be as a whole should be analyzed first.

I really wanted to know how video games

were made on the programming side so I taught myself C/C++ and Microsoft assembly. With those skills I was able to start picking video games apart to understand the internal workings and then learned how to alter the user experience and “enhance” game play.