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Shane Galvin

Senior Account Manager

After over 10 years in retail management, in various industries, and with a Business degree in my back pocket, I went back to college to complete a Master’s in Entrepreneurship. I then secured a highly sought after role in SIngapore, with the trade section of the Irish government, assisting Irish firms increase sales in Asia. Since moving to the USA, I have worked at Riley Hayes advertising agency and now work in Irish Titan as an Account Manager. 

B1O2 to you

In 2015, online is an essential part of life and business: and many businesses have rewritten the rules of whole industries. BUT at the core of every successful business, (online, offline or on Mars) a number of essential values never go out of fashion. Reliability, collaboration, customer focus and a strive for excellence are top of the pile. When a business focuses on the full needs of a customer and helps them drive their business through a mutual partnership, success is inevitable.

I have been nearly killed on a number of occasions, most memorably falling 300 ft
down a gully while skiing in Austria. I also had open heart surgery when I was 8.

Luck of the Irish
Relationship Builder
Did Someone Say Sport?