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Tim Oleson

Engagement Planner

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, I did what any person would do, which was make a leap into digital Advertising!  My media career started at Internet Broadcasting Systems as a Campaign Specialist, where I was taken under their wing to learn the in’s and out’s of the industry.  I made some moves that gradually landed me @ Star Tribune for 3 ½ years where I helped launch the Programmatic Media branch as a Planner/Buyer, eventually catching wind about a great opportunity with a digital agency by the name of Irish Titan in December, 2015.  Since then, I’ve been mingling with some pretty smart people that work hard towards the collective goal of B1O2, with a side of silly to keep it interesting around the office.   

B1O2 to you

B102 is the intersection where a client becomes family. It goes beyond customer service: Irish Titan shares a vested interest with the client to the extent of being able to anticipate the client’s needs before the client is even aware the need is there, a result of our ability to establish long-term partnerships through a commitment of success on a daily level.

I once opened for the #3 rated DJ
in the world (the following year he was ranked #1)


Google Adwords and Analytics Certified

HubSpot Inbound Certified