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Foundations for the Future

Build it right the first time. We’re not hacking something together to limp along, we’re building a strong foundation for your business to grow upon. Preparing for future integrations, responsible coding, solid documentation. We build it right, or we don’t build it.

Custom Development

What is Custom Development? Custom Development tailors exact technological solutions to your complex business goals.

How does Irish Titan do Custom Development for our clients? Irish Titan stays up to date on the latest (and greatest) offerings in the ecommerce world to ensure we always offer the right solution for the right problem. Our trusted platforms and partners offer a great fit for a huge range, but ultimately we work aside you to make a solution fit your problem exactly. That's just who we are.

  • Strategic Roadmapping
  • App Identification
  • Web Audit
FORCE America's Unique Design
FORCE America's Homepage

Systems and Data

What are Systems and Data? Systems are libraries of information, and data are the books inside. Titans are often tasked with building electronic librarians...applications that manage the flow of information from one point to another...or often times in the ecommerce world, many points to many others (like a web).

How does Irish Titan do Systems and Data for our clients? Titans dig into your systems and data to best understand how things are currently working. Where are the breaks? We find opportunities for efficiency and identify potential sources of inaccuracy. Whether we’re connecting systems for the first time or auditing existing data flows, we take pride in detailed evaluation and professional approaches to maintaining PCI compliance.

  • Integration Mapping
  • Systems and Data Audit
Tradehome's Multi-store, Multi-warehouse Win
Systems and Data from Tradehome Shoes


What is Optimization? Tech debt is real. Real expensive. Inevitably the technical impact of added functionality, keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of the web, design refreshes, all add up over time. Optimization involves identifying outdated or unused aspects of your site that may affect loading time, accessibility, SEO, and maintainability.

How does Irish Titan do Optimization for our clients? Optimization typically begins with an audit of your code and apps. We work with you to verify what functionality is currently in use and generate recommendations that allow us to prioritize the items that will benefit your site the most.

  • Code and App Audit
White Oak's Optimized Site

Ongoing Support

What is Ongoing Support? The site launch is just the start. Keeping your site’s platforms, plugins, extensions, other software up to date, as well as planning improvements, is vital to the longevity and success of your site. A great site that isn’t maintained means you’ll have to start the process from scratch with even more investment.

How does Irish Titan do Ongoing Support for our clients? We work with you at the onset of a retainer agreement to list your concerns and wishes. Combined with our recommendations, we prioritize the work in a way that balances security and functional needs.

  • Service Level Agreements
  • Planned Maintenance
Northstar Bison's Ongoing Success
Ongoing Support Example with White Oak Pastures