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Case Study

Keller Heartt

Scope of Work
Paid Media ManagementOngoing Spend OptimizationOmnichannel ManagementDevelopment Support
Oil and Gas
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80-year-old, full-service lubrication brand that tapped Irish Titan for paid media management, omnichannel distribution strategies, and spend optimization. Their results? +55% boost in sales, +87% rise in sales attributed to marketing, and a 23x overall return on investment.

Keller Heartt Website screenshots showing their homepage on desktop and mobile

WHY For 80 years running, Keller Heartt is a full-service lubrication provider in the Midwest. They’re a leading bulk oil and lubrication distributor for brands like Shell, WD-40, American Lubrication, as well as an in-house brand called TRUEGARD.

HOW Keller Heartt initially tapped Irish Titan to solve some back-end problems on their Shopify platform. We took over from another agency that wasn’t delivering what Keller Heartt needed. Over time, we’ve become a trusted partner, expanding the scope of our work together to include PPC, email campaign management and creation, full Shopify management, eBay and Walmart paid media management, and more.

WHAT We worked closely with their team to optimize their ad spends across platforms, including specific campaigns targeted to industry verticals. We replaced Marketo with Klaviyo and implemented email marketing automation that saved massive amounts of time and drove abandon cart revenue, repeat business, and specific deals. We continued to manage their Shopify platform (our original assignment) and improved their backend with better information sync across their systems.

RESULTS Since taking over management of Keller Heartt’s properties, Irish Titan has continuously demonstrated excellent decision making, ad placements, and return on investment. Keller Heartt has continued to expand the access, management, and ownership of marketing activities to Irish Titan as we continue to perform well.

23x return on overall investment
5 figure return on Klaviyo implimentation
+55% boost in sales with graph
+22% increase in average order value with graph
+87% increase in sales attributed to marketing with graph