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Okay, let’s blast this out. No quirky intro. No bullshit. Tips for better clickthrough rates in your mediocre email campaigns. Go.



Please, please, PLEASE stop putting five buttons for three different types of discounts in your emails.  You’re creating visual noise to your subscribers and making that “unsubscribe” button that much more attractive by being unclear and sounding like a needy ex-girlfriend.  Your campaign is the bus driver that goes to and from one destination and one destination only: Conversionsville. (The sole exception to this is e-commerce, wherein you can place multiple products that each have their own Call-to-Action…but that button is the same for each product: “BUY NOW”)


2. Right CTA

It may seem like an easy concept to grasp, but put the right Call to Action in your email.  What is right? One that clearly (or even humorously) defines exactly what you want the user to do.  Don’t put a link to your blog, or news about the latest hire, or your company birthday bash to your leads and newsletter subscribers.


3. Relevance

Stay contextually relevant to the subject line of your email.  If your CTA differs too greatly from the reason they opened the email in the first place, you’re just screwing yourself out of valuable interest.


4. Work Smarter, Not Harder

While relevance is key, don’t be afraid to be a bit lazy.  Why not? Your subscribers are.  Between 70 and 90% of the campaigns you send out won’t even get opened by the people you’ve sent them to. Consider simply changing the subject line and resending the exact same campaign to the same list, minus those who’ve previously opened the campaign.  You’d be surprised how this simple action can net a significant increase in click through rates.


5. Trim the fluff

Make sure there’s little (if any) fat on the meat of your email. Fat means distractions that take away from the action you want your users to take.  Remember, if they’ve opened the email, then you have 15 to 20 seconds to encourage them to click your CTA.  That’s it.  Look, this might hurt a bit… but the vast majority of your subscribers don’t actually care about your business.  They are there for your goods and services, and every single day is an opportunity for your competitors to edge you out. In short, you are already your biggest competitor.  Don’t give your actual competition an edge.


6. Dynamic FTW

Most email marketing software these days has the capacity to interject some level of dynamic personalization to your campaigns.  While it might seem hokey or even creepy, don’t be afraid to throw a friendly first name into your campaigns if you have the ability to.  This can work especially well with transactional emails and related products leading to stronger email remarketing. You might consider grabbing some Titan assistance for tackling that bear, though.


That’s it. Need more help?

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