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Aquarius Home Services Case Study


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The client (a Twin Cities based home services company specializing in heating, cooling and plumbing) was sending a monthly newsletter to its database. Very little strategic thought was being given to content or delivery.


The newsletter itself was poorly constructed and designed. The layout was cluttered, there was no clear Call to Action, and the subject matter often spoke to the wrong demographic i.e., non-consumers.  Roughly 9,000 subscribers received the newsletter each month, with a 15% open rate and an average click-through rate of just 0.3%.  The send was too broad, and needed to be targeted at a far more sharply defined audience.


After utilizing Historical Data Analysis, Market Research and Design/UX Best Practices, our immediate response was to simplify everything about the newsletter process in order to improve user engagement.  We started by creating an uncluttered, streamlined template with markedly less verbiage in the body copy and a much more singular and direct Call to Action. The next step was to target the correct demographic within the Aquarius database, rather than continue with a random, scattergun approach. We then “future proofed” our solution by expanding our involvement with Aquarius to assist with their increased email marketing efforts on an ongoing basis.           


The revised newsletter template and more clearly defined target list resulted in a 52% increase in open-rate volume, an impressive 366% increase in click-through rate on email content, and a 91% reduction in spam sending to disinterest or incorrect users.  The whole project ran very smoothly over the course of the engagement, and Irish Titan has since maintained an ongoing and successful partnership with Aquarius Home Services.


increase in openrate volume

increase in click through rate on email content 

reduction in spam-sending to disinterested/incorrect users



Services Provided
  • Analysis historical data
  • Market research
  • Design/UX best practices



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