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In an industry saturated with “experts”, “ninjas” and “gurus”, sometimes it’s nice to just take a test drive yourself to see if the car you’re interested in will be reliable enough for you in the long run.  So, rather than talk about how great we are (because we do know we’re great), I’m going to talk about business digital pitfalls, as a whole, and the Irish Titan approach to helping our clients along the way.





Problem: How do I start building a Website for my business?



Solution: Kickoff.


Sometimes, the biggest problem in our industry is the first step.  Formulating a plan with concrete timelines is part of what makes us unique in our industry: we’re sailing an ocean of discovery, together.  Make sure your technology partner does an amazing job setting expectations and timelines.



Problem: "How can I be sure you understand my business?



Solution: Discovery.


Regardless of who you choose to partner with, it is critical they understand your business almost as much as the technology they’re using to enhance your digital presence. It’s no mystery why Irish Titan’s motto is “Business First. Online Second.”  The Discovery phase should outline not only your goals as a business, but the creative, technical, and functional aspects of your website as well.



Problem: What if...?



Solution: Elaboration.


It’d be weird if Michaelangelo just sketched the Sistine Chapel and said, “Meh, good enough.” Elaboration is the partnership phase wherein creative genius is given a chance to shine through your business. Asking the “what if we…” questions to help move the process along and better integrate your business with a complete and robust online experience.



Problem: When will my website be finished?



Solution: Construction.


“Nothing to it but to do it.” By this point, all that’s left is to execute the actual build of the site.  This is heavy lifting, where a highly focused developer needs time and the outlines created in the Discovery and Elaboration phases to solidly execute a robust design that matches everyone’s expectations.    




Problem: This website that you built doesn’t match my expectations.



Solution: Quality Assurance.


Making sure everything works as intended is obvious.  Making sure it matches your exact specifications can be a challenge.  Let’s face it: in this environment, developers and clients butt heads.  We’re here to match your vision as closely as we can.  At the same time, your development partner may have a reason why certain design and/or functionality was altered.  Ultimately, it’s your business, dollar, and time, and the final decision is up to you.



Problem: What happens next?



Solution: Closeout.


The exciting part of any project is wrapping things up.  Making sure the site launches successfully is just as important is understanding the business and building the site.  You can think of this phase as buying the custom car.  Now you have to get out and show it off.


Need help showing off your site?  Consider working with a team of Google Analytics and AdWords certified marketing partners like Irish Titan’s Digital Strategy Team.