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No Place Like Home

Our office was recently featured in the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal! Check out the article here.

Irish Titan has grown a lot over the past year and a half, or so…* A lot*.

We’ve grown physically, i.e., the office is much larger.

We’ve grown commercially, i.e., the business is much larger.

We’ve grown numerically, i.e., the number of Titans is much larger.

Let’s start with the physical aspect of our growth. In September 2015 we moved from Edina to our current space in St. Louis Park, but after eight or nine months it was already clear that we needed more room. So, in July 2016 construction started on our expansion into the floor below.

By mid-November work was just about complete and Level Two of Irish Titan World Headquarters was open for business.

IT Bottom floor

We now occupy two full floors and we utilize every inch of both. We even have Irish themed meeting rooms: Cork, Galway, Limerick, Powers, Jameson, and 2 Gingers. They tend to give away our heritage and our habits. All things in moderation!

Of course, the reason we need all this space is that the business itself is growing. Exciting and challenging opportunities to work on complex sites like Haskell’s, FunkyChunky, Dorcy, and Xperitas mean that we need more resources; and in this case, more resources means more people.

Let’s go back to September 2015 for a moment. The day we moved into our St. Louis Park premises, we had 15 employees. As we write this piece today, there are 40 at work in the building.

Irish Titan is growing, and we’re delighted about it. We do interesting work with interesting clients.

We want more of both.

Oh, by the way… we have a Bat Pole!

IT Bat Pole

Interested in working for us? Check out the open positions on our career page!

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