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North Bay Trading Case Study


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An ecommerce company with 30 years’ experience in selling high quality food items to commercial and retail health conscious customers sought to utilize Google AdWords to maximize conversions of site users through paid advertising. In doing so, they used internal resources to create several Campaigns, Ad Groups and Product Listings designed to reflect the quality of their product and their brand.  The goal was to entice new users and returning users alike and get them to the relevant products as quickly as possible.


While the client showed an exceptional knowledge of the internal workings and structure of AdWords, little consideration had been given to optimization. Certain Ad Groups and Campaigns performance which were less than exemplary had been allowed to run rampant, eating budget and remaining relatively ineffective at hitting goals. Overall impressions and clicks were on a downward trend, and cost per converted click was on the rise.


Internal review from a Senior Digital Strategist at Irish Titan revealed 6 Campaigns that could be paused/stopped immediately without suffering any impact on overall traffic numbers.  The budget associated to these campaigns was redistributed back into their other, more successful campaigns, thus allowing more clicks and more traffic before daily caps were hit.          


One month after implementing the aforementioned change, the client has seen a slight uptick in impressions, clicks and conversions (roughly 2%).  Cost per converted click is also slightly down on their top performing campaigns as a result of the increased exposure.  There’s currently no indication this client should experience any reduction in traffic and only continue their upward momentum given time and additional optimizations at the AdGroup and Keyword level. 


increase in click volume

increase in conversions

reduction in cost/click


Services Provided
  • Existing Campaign and Advertising Audit
  • Budget redistribution
  • Market research and keyword analysis



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