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So, you’ve decided to commit some money to paid search efforts. Excellent! You’ve jumped over the first hurdle; fear of the unknown.  Before you take another step, there’s a very strong facet of paid search that I want you to consider; your page’s quality score.


What is the quality score?


Quality Score is a metric determined by the search engine that you’re trying to advertise on.  In short, the search engine’s algorithm crawls your page for information that is relevant to a user’s search query and gives it a grade based on many independent factors.  Age of the content, relevance to the query (accuracy), markup used on the page, images, proper use of the H1 heading element. All of these things are just a few pieces to consider when ensuring your site has a high quality score.  Let’s break it down even further.  


Google alone handles over 100 billion searches per month.  A small fraction of those searches (about between 850 and 1850) are devoted to the query “home cleaning services.” Now, let’s say Joe does a search on Google for home cleaning services.  On the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), Joe is served four ads.  Now, let’s say your company is one of these home cleaning services.  Obviously, home cleaning services is quite a competitive industry, and there are significantly more than four cleaning services in any given urban area (and even some rural areas).  Joe is an average guy: he doesn’t want to have to do hours of vetting to have his carpet scrubbed.  In fact, Joe’s mostly concerned about three key aspects of any one of these results he’s received: price, timeline, and user reviews.


Search engines like Google know this about their users.  That’s why the quality score metric was invented; it creates competition.  If advertising was all about who had the deepest pockets to pay for ads, then the big guy would always win.  Enter, the quality score!  Pages with low quality scores are often hodge-podged together with no relevant information or minimal effort put into ensuring compliance with search engines (SEO).  When companies want to buy ad space, Google is inclined to give priority to those companies that agree to adhere to their best practices over those that pay the most money.  


In short, quality score is an opportunity for companies to prove, through their content, how and why they outclass the competition.


So how do you put the pieces together?


Much like painting a picture, you get out of paid search advertising what you put into it.  If you don’t have the time or skill needed to tailor your content to the highest search standards, then consider hiring a partner like Irish Titan.  Take Aquarius Water Conditioning, for example.  Over the course of three months, Irish Titan used AdWords best practices to increase AWC’s conversion rate by an average of over 160%, with an overall reduction in Cost Per Acquisition.


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