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Be you

Holy shit, Tom! Another blog about email marketing? Seriously?”



Because you refuse to change your ways! You can do better! I believe in you! I’m challenging you!

What are you even talking about? You sound like a crazy person.”


While my sanity is in constant question around these parts, hear me out. I opened up my email this morning to 17 emails from HUGE companies that were all filtered into a folder other than my primary inbox.  The vast majority of them were archived without being read at all. Without naming names, these are companies that can certainly afford to do better.  

So what’s better? Well…how about this conversation we’re having right now, for starters?  Not to get too meta on you, but if you’re still reading this blog, it might be because I started it with an emboldened curse word.  That, or I know you personally and you’re doing me a solid.  I’m not saying go curse out your prospects.  Instead, I’m saying these three things:


Be Unapologetically YOU.


There’s nothing wrong with representing your brand and personality with honesty and clarity.  In a world oversaturated with disingenuous display advertisements that follow us around the internet and the CIA that watches us take showers in the morning (oh geez, now I’m on a list…), there’s no time for fluff.  Having an honest discussion with someone you want to really and truly engage with should feel rewarding, not something that immediately gets deleted, archived, filtered and scoffed at.  You’re you, so be you.


Pretend you’re having dinner with the person you’re speaking to.


I know this recommendation might seem corny, but if you take the time to really think about the person you’re trying to speak to, you might find out a lot about the way you speak.  If you go too far off topic, you’ll lose interest from the person who was invested in the first place.  If you become too preachy about how perfect you are, well… no one wants to be around that, do they?  If you truly believe in what your company has to offer that’s unique to your industry, then simply invite the reader to see for themselves.


Rejection happens.


Spend more time looking at your successes than your failures.  That doesn’t mean looking only at open rates.  It means looking at unopened emails as opportunities to resend a campaign with a different subject line. Or perhaps split test at different times of day.  You probably already knew these bits because there are 100 other blogs out there that talk about it.  I’m just reinforcing my own belief that it works. One of Irish Titan’s clients regularly resends emails and simply swaps the subject line and yields darn near the same number of opens they did the first time around.  They also split test their sends based on time of day to see when their audience is more likely to engage with their email.

Hey, look.  At the end of the day, it’s your email.  If you have a method to your madness that works for you, then by all means, keep rockin’ your special sauce.  I just hate to see you stuck in such a one-sided relationship with your email service provider.  You give and you give, and it takes and it takes. Remember: communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and email doesn’t have to be any different. 




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