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Titan Leadership in Battle

Titan Leadership: The Cage Match

We get this question over and over, which Titan in Leadership would win in a cage match? Only one way to find out. Just kidding, we're not asking them to brawl just yet, but we are asking our Titan Leaders to talk about their experience and a little more. Without ado, your brawlers.

What’s your experience leading at Irish Titan?

  • Darin - He didn't answer our request for comments but he definitely wouldn't win in a battle. All bark, little bite. That's also why we didn't include him in a photo. Sorry.

  • Anna - I’ve been in a lead role at Irish Titan for the last 4 years. I love being a part of the leadership team and having a say at the table. I’m passionate about seeing growth within my departements, as well as our clients. A quote that Darin often says to our team is "Good leaders put their businesses under a microscope during troubled times. Great leaders put their business under a microscope all the time.” We strive to follow this mantra, especially as we scale and evolve. To describe my leadership style, my door is always open and I try to be as available as possible. I do have high expectations and work to hold myself to the same level. I encourage a solution-focused mindset and do whatever I can to set my team up for success.

  • Jessie - My influence extends to all teammates, beyond those directly tied to my role within our organization. As a leader at Irish Titan, I motivate and inspire our team to achieve their goals, no matter how small they may seem. I hold a strong value in integrity and feel that being passionate about building relationships, and having a clear understanding of our companies goals is what makes a leader successful. I recognize that everyone is equally important and it is through each individuals contribution that makes us stronger as a whole. I spend time getting to know all of our employees, finding ways to clear the way when they are obstacles, and will always support them to perform to do their best.

  • Mike - I love leading at Irish Titan. I've grown through the ranks here. Starting as a project manager, I moving on to lead that team, and eventually lead all of delivery. I'm very thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to shift my career path into leadership. Working with everyone who calls themself a Titan is a delight as we are all working together regardless of title or management ladder. The autonomy that I have, and the autonomy that I can give my team, provides a work environment that I am happy to be a part of every day.

  • Tom - Leading at IT has been fantastic! I love the positive energy here. It can be a lot to take in at first but I appreciate how patient and supportive both my team and leadership have been. I'm excited to continue to get know everyone and am looking forward to all the great work and good times we'll have together!

  • Michael - At Irish Titan, I get to lead and trust a phenomenal team of Engineers. Not only are they skilled, they are great human beings that I look forward to seeing every day. I’m also supported by a group of fellow leaders that have each others’ backs. There is growth happening everywhere I look and that makes for an exciting and rewarding experience!

  • Sarah - As a new manager at Irish Titan, I am truly impressed by all of the help and support that I have received from my other managers as well as the Directors, and our founder Darin. I have had to make some big decisions right away during my time here. I appreciate the autonomy provided to me to make those decisions, so that I can set my department up for growth and for success.

  • Jack - I’m newer to a leadership role at Irish Titan (maybe getting old as a Titan), but I’ve had some awesome Titan mentors to guide me. I need to call out Darin and Anna especially for their patience, knowledge, and leadership in their own right. It’s been awesome to take a step up into a different kind of role at Irish Titan, and I count myself very lucky to work closely across the company with all Titans, but especially in Marketing with Natalie. Excited to keep working to make Irish Titan greener and more Irish than ever.

  • Max - So far, my experience leading here at Irish Titan has been one of the most rewarding challenges of my career. It's challenging at times to come to terms that "doing" is no longer my area of focus, but instead, I step through the door every day to help my team grow and the people around me. Fortunately, because Irish Titan cultivates a strong and honest sense of servant leadership, we are all constantly working to grow each other's leadership abilities. Nearly every day, I learn and grow either through members of my team, my peers in management, or through the leaders of the company. In a small company where each individual person has the ability to make a significant impact, through my growth as a leader, I can help everyone on my team make those big impacts. This is a huge reason that I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a leader at a place like Irish Titan.

If all the managers fought in a cage match, who would win?

  • Anna - Hands down, Jessie. This woman is unstoppable and would not go down without a fight. She’s scrappy, smart, quick and determined. My money is on her.

  • Jessie - There's no way to incentivize an actual cage match between our managers. Some would want to ward-off physical contact by “talking it out”, while others would see the law-suit waiting to happen and just say “no”. OK. That's a cop out. I'll answer. Darin goes to the gym a lot, so we can assume he is in good shape, he also has height, weight, and a little bit of the “Crazy" advantage. Mike may not have the height advantage against Darin, but with his hobby farming background, I think he could have a leg-up in the overall strength category. Max would use his words and sprightly agility for speed. I don’t know Tom well enough yet, but think he has something up his sleeve in this match and would surprise us all. Then there is Sarah, Anna, Michael, Jack, and myself. We all seem like lovers and not fighters. Overall, this match would not be pretty and would be quite entertaining, but I’d have to say that I think, Mike would win…

  • Mike - I think Michael would be the clear winner. He has the height and reach over any of the other managers. Plus, I have seen him under pressure: he has a calm, methodical mind, and most importantly in a cage match, isn't afraid to fight a little dirty.

  • Tom - Great Question. The answer is obviously Sarah. Calvin and Hobbes may look nice but it's just too hard to overlook a tag-team-trio with that kind of experience and bond.

  • Michael - Ooof…a cage match… well Tom used to play Football so my money is on him. But I’ve never seen a problem Jessie couldn’t solve so I wouldn’t underestimate her agility.

  • Sarah - Michael, hands down. His charming and sweet personality would get thrown by the wayside in favor of a Powerbomb or a Chokeslam. “Can you smeeeellllll what Michael is cookin’?!”

  • Jack - Michael would absolutely win in a cage match. He’s scrappy and a little shifty and I think he’d let out a guttural scream that would scare everyone out. Jessie would be a thorn in his side though. I would die early.

  • Max - I would have to say Michael Start. He's a long-time student of the WWE/WWF/WWhatever they're called now and that gives him a leg up against his competition. He understands the way of the cage.

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