Titans With A Cause: Cook For Kids

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Cook For Kids
Making a difference

Many businesses these days choose to publicly articulate their goals by way of a mission statement. Some are straight forward, some are convoluted, and some still leave you wondering what that company actually does.


At the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, their mission statement leaves the reader in no doubt whatsoever as to the Nursery’s purpose.



“Our mission is to end child abuse and neglect and create strong, healthy families.”



Situated in South Minneapolis, the Crisis Nursery has provided free services and support to struggling families for over 30 years. People battling with the day to day pressures of parenthood are able to take a short break from those responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that their children will be cared for in a secure, loving environment.


Voluntary services are vital to the ongoing viability of the Nursery, and recently some members of our Titans with a Cause group were delighted to help out with the Cook for Kids volunteer program.


We chose the option to purchase the ingredients, prepare them in the Nursery’s professional grade kitchen, serve lunch to 13 kids and 10 adults, then clean up both the meal room and the kitchen.




The two hours of cooking and cleaning (and eating!) was its own reward, but it was the tour of the facility with Food & Volunteer Services Coordinator Keith Johnson that was the real eye opener.


Keith outlined the many services the Nursery provides, from overnight care and home visits, through to a Parent Support Group and a 24-hour Crisis Helpline.  He also explained the variety of ways that volunteers can make a genuine difference.


The harsh reality is that the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery is busy 365 days a year, but with a little bit of help they will continue to pursue their mission: to end child abuse and neglect and create strong, healthy families.  Titans with a Cause was privileged to play a small part.



If you or your company would like to volunteer or just learn more, contact The Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery on 753-591-0400 or online at