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We're sending all Titans on two week PTO

We’re Taking Two Weeks Off

No, we're not all out at once. We're not that wild (yet).

This year, we’ve implemented mandatory, two consecutive weeks off for every Titan (once they reach a year). Yes, that means we're forcing Darin out of the office for two weeks too. We’re Standing Tall and putting our flag in the sand. Without contractors, freelancers, or offshore resources to lean on, we’re prepared to challenge ourselves and our industry.

“Sometimes policy (a word I hate, tbh) is good for the Titan, sometimes it’s good for the company. This is one of those policies that’s good for both. It’s proven that employees recharge and perform better with a full two week break. And Irish Titan is a better company for being able to continue to execute at a high level during the absence of anyone for two weeks. I’ve been considering this policy for a few years, and am proud we rolled it out in 2023.” - Darin Lynch, Founder and CEO

Research shows that about 49% of American employees say they are burned out from their jobs, “33% of employees globally are thriving in their overall wellbeing”, and those who feel tense or stressed out during the workday are more than 3x as likely to seek employment elsewhere.

Yet the average amount of paid vacation US employees have is 10 days and a record 768 million U.S. vacation days went unused in 2018. It’s simply not enough to curb that amount of burnout. We’re taking our own, uniquely green way of combating burnout. We’re ready to pull that average up.

2 Weeks Off 1

One of the ways we’re balancing burnout (yes, we have a slew), is to force every Titan over a year to take a full two-week vacation each year. Now, we already have a one-month sabbatical at 5 years and Open PTO (kind of like unlimited PTO but you actually get to use it) so Titans are already expected to take the time off that they need for vacations, weekend getaways, and KISS concerts. This is the next level. We’re making sure our Titans AND the agency see these benefits of a long time away.

2 Weeks Off 2

Titan Benefits

  • Happy, healthy, revived, and rejuvenated self.
  • Studies show that two weeks is the minimum amount of time off to truly disconnect from work.
  • Disconnected and free from distractions, Titans will come back to us topped up on fuel.
  • Titans can go further, experience a larger amount of culture, sleep, and activities away from us
  • Titans experience that wonderful “what day is it” moment, that only really comes in the second week, let’s be honest.
  • It lets their eyes recalibrate from all the green of our office.

Our Benefits

  • Scalability…We can’t rely on “hero efforts” from Titan, where we rely on one Titan to shoulder the responsibility of an entire Team. This forces Irish Titan to be a well-rounded, highly skilled agency.
  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, single points of failure, knowledge silos, and weaknesses in our process.
  • Titans are empowered to action, they know sitting on their hands means two weeks of nothing, and they’re inspired to make decisions without needing constant approval
  • Titans can’t “just wait for Jessie to get back on Monday”. They learn to prioritize and process problems that actually need to be dealt with.
  • We’re forced to plan for someone’s absence which makes our coverage, documentation, forecasting, and knowledge-sharing stronger.
  • We’re attracting and retaining the strongest talented Titans that build and grow ecommerce channels with more power.
  • We think it’s one of the marks of a well-run, and successful business.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

You can see we’re getting a lot more out of this than Titans are (probably), and we’re excited to see where they’ll go, what they’ll do, and what stories they’ll have when they return. We’ll see you in two weeks.

2 Weeks Off 3

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