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Images of Emojis for Year in Titan 2022

Year in Titan 2022

The wait is over, we've collected, tabulated, and surveyed the Year in Titan 2022. Now if you get one of these 'Wrapped' things from someone on December 3rd (looking at you Spotify), just remember they can't include ALL of 2022 if they send it in early December. We're not late, they're just way early. Without further ado, your Year in Titan!

Amusement Park Last summer we got a notification that we were a highly ranked destination for amusement parks. Now we have some wide ranging interests but this one was pretty surprising. Word about the Batpole must be getting out.

New Titans 13 new Titans have suited up in 2022. They're Strategists, Designers, Project Managers, Software Engineers, and more. We're lucky to have an awesome group that embodies POTIS deeply.

1 Year Anniversary Rugbys Yes we had 13 new Titan but had 11 Titans reach their 1 year anniversary (they were counted in our last Year in Titan). For their anniversary, they get a rugby jersey with their name on it. 

5 year anniversary sabbaticals After a few years at Irish Titan, we force you to take a full month off work. It's partly a reward for working insanly hard, and partly a stress test for ourselves. Two senior Titans have earned that honor this year and enjoyed some much needed time away from Darin.

Green Marbles Every day we drop a marble that represents our day, green/yellow/red, into jars by our doors. These marbles represent the year in colors for all the Titans. Next time you're in the office, take a minute by the jars to see how we're doing.

Site Launches A figure we're pretty happy with, we launched 24 new sites this year, in addition to the work growing existing sites. Lots of hard work on behalf of our Titans, from strategy to creative to engineering, with project management making it all sing.

New Women Titan Another figure we're deeply proud of, 70% of our new 2022 Titans are women. In a male dominated industry, we've worked hard for a long time to make sure that being a Titan is something everyone can be a part of.

Client revenue from a single email We'd love to have $30k from an email. Our emails generate $0 normally.

Miles Biked Rain or shine, snow or slush, we.... oh who are we kidding, Jack bikes too much. One insane person aside, Titans took to two wheels a healthy amount in 2022.

Slack Quotes Titans says the darndest things. And we have a record of almost every single one of them. Our quote channel lights up every day with the weird and wonderful sayings we all cherish.

Miles o' Ink Our green walls are covered in whiteboard paint and we like to use them. We're putting miles on our boards every year in search of building and growing.

Dog photos Another year, another cagematch where dog owners dominate our feline friends with photography skills. Maybe dogs like the camera more?

Cat photos Come on cat people, try a little harder.

Slack Kudos A full Slack channel dedicated for Titans to celebrate their coworkers. We give kudos for site launches, fresh pots of coffee, DC references, and everything in between. We're serious about appreciating each other and fluffing each other's kilts. 

New houses or moves Titans are working hard outside the 9 to 5 too. They're buying, and moving, houses. 7 moves means a lot of boxes and quite a lot of tape.

$125mm Accumulated merchant revenue Yes, we tabulated every single dollar in online revenue from all of our clients last year. We're nothing if not meticulous. It totaled a $125MM. Talk about green. Watch that number in the future, we're hoping to drive even more. 

Songs Sung at Ecomm Forum Regardless of our talent on the mic, we bring the PASSION. We had a blast at Ecomm Forum belting it out, we're hoping to double this number in 2023.

Project hours logged A reflection of size, a reflection of our projects, a reflection of amazing clients we work with, and most importantly, a reflection of dedicated, passionate work from our Titans. This was a lot of work and we're here to celebrate it. 

Cups o' Coffee Speaking of fuel, coffee keeps us plugging away at those 50,000 project hours (ish). We're brewing fresh pots constantly. Some say it's an unhealthy addiction, we'll just say it's better than drugs. 

Clients we've helped 68 clients last year and we're not slowing down at all. We'll see you again in January of 2024 (and not a moment sooner).

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