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Year in Titan 2023 Hero Image with emojis

Year in Titan 2023

The wait is over, we've collected, tabulated, and surveyed the Year in Titan 2023. Now if you get one of these 'Wrapped' things from someone on December 3rd (looking at you Spotify), just remember they can't include ALL of 2023 if they send it in early December. We're not late, they're just way early. Without further ado, your Year in Titan!

Year in Titan 1 PTO Yep, we took some time off. Two Weeks in fact.

Year in Titan 2 ROAS $1 spent to $23 returned. ROAS (that's return on ad spend), is our bread and butter. Sometimes we have a strong bread and it's slathered 23 times in butter.

Year in Titan 3 Parents Some people bring their kids to work for a day. We bring our PARENTS to work. We taught them how the internet works and fixed their phones.

Year in Titan 4 Kids Oh, we brought our kids to work too. Except work was a circus, cotton candy, and ice cream.

Year in Titan 5 Pull Requests We pushed on the pulls. 601 of them to be exact. These are reviewed, refined, and merged with ease*. *(Citation needed)

Year in Titan - Site Launches Get your hard hats on, we're constructing constantly. Building, launching, and basking in the glory of new ecommerce sites is what we know best.

Year in Titan 6 Batpole The batpole is the fastest route from floor 3 to floor 2. We had 41 total trips and 29 first-timers.

Year in Titan 7 Chest bumps Chest bumps are our preferred mode of communication at Irish Fair. Either that or Riverdancing.

Year in Titan - Merchants at Ecomm Forum We flipped the Ecomm Forum script. We invited the MERCHANTs to sell their goodies at the tradeshow this year. It was a BLAST. Needless to say, we're bringing it back for the 10th anniversary next year, bigger than ever.

Year in Titan 8 Asana We're taskmasters. More specifically our project management team are task masters experts. We love to cross our tasks off our lists, just don't mark them complete without a project management signoff.

Year in Titan 9 Fastest Launch Want to see some real speed? 22 days is all we need to launch a high-performing ecommerce experience. Want that kind of speed? Get us in a room for a workshop build and we can probably beat that number.

Year in Titan - Goats Nothing surprises us anymore, goat gifts, egg trading, and hot pepper planting is all par for the agrarian course.

Year in Titan 10 Email Campaigns Speaking of launching, we're firing email campaigns off left, right, and center. Slicing and dicing segments, targeted messages, and striking graphics all landing in your inbox soon.

Year in Titan 11 Haircuts All we can say is the scissors in his house must be broken.

Year in Titan 13 Hours Billed We have nothing but time... tracking. Remember to fill out your timesheet.

Year in Titan 14 Hours Training Almost five thousand hours spent sharpening our swords. It's how we stay at the cutting edge.

Year in Titan 16 Injuries While no one has been hospitalized from an Irish Titan event (yet), our shenanigans afflicted four Titans this year. If you see a Titan in a boot, it's best not to comment.

Year in Titan 17 Slacks We're social creatures. We're also professional communicators (see our Diamond Model). That means we talk. 16.4 million talks to be exact.

Year in Titan 18 Jerseys When a Titan reaches 1 year of service, they receive a jersey with their name and numerical order. This year we hit (and passed) 100 jerseys in the world. Note, this doesn't include our Honorary Titans.

Year in Titan - Cat Photos Our largest year yet. Titan cats we're featured more than ever before in an effort to take the top spot from the Titan Dogs channel.

Year in Titan - Dogs No contest, dogs crushed the cats again. Sorry.

Year in Titan 18 Houses/Moves Four 'Titans in Training' joined us this year. They're working on their coding abilities now but speaking is still pretty hard. Titans also packed it up this year.

Year in Titan 18 Meals Shared Almost nine thousand meals shared around the table. These might be bowls from our SOUPer Bowl, chili from Crocktober Fest, 2 week old Liquid Gold, or just a Chicken Tikka Masala that Max brought in. We just spent some good meals together.

Year in Titan 20 Money for Good Almost nine thousand dollars raised for good. That includes our Shenanigans for Good raffle (if you win, YOU decide where the money goes), donations for Ecomm Forum, Titan giving, and more. We're proud to put some green back into the world.

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