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Apex Revenue Technologies

December 2015
Drupal Development
Responsive Design
Apex Website on desktop and mobile

Founded in 1995, Apex Revenue Technologies is a national provider of technology-based solutions and services, aiding healthcare companies in strengthening their relationships with their patients, while simultaneously improving their revenue cycle management. With a mission to make the healthcare industry stronger and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions by asking the right questions, Apex has developed an industry-leading suite of cloud-based technologies that enable their customers to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The former Apex site did not adequately support their marketing goals for company growth, prompting the need for a site rebuild. Knowing that they needed their new site to adhere to modern best practices, we began our partnership to entirely rebuild and enhance their digital presence. The major goal for the new site was to serve as a lead generation source, ultimately growing their customer base, a goal that was delivered upon through new and enhanced site functionality.

Additional site features included Pardot Integration through a custom Drupal module, enhancing the site content (including layout and visuals), and implementing a new responsive design.