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June 2014
Drupal Development
Responsive Design
website on devices

With over 36 years of experience in the appliance recycling industry, ARCA is a pioneer in their field, innovating new methods to preserve the environment via proper appliance disposal and energy efficiency. That dedication has led to the development of cutting-edge technology that lessens the negative environmental impact of appliance disposal. As a result, ARCA has recycled 3.5 million major household appliances since 1976. ARCA also maintains an additional site for their recycling initiative ARCA Recycling.

When we were approached by ARCA, both sites had become dated and difficult for ARCA personnel to update and maintain. We updated both sites from a branding and user experience perspective, and created complementary responsive site designs, with ARCA Recycling taking its visual cues from the main ARCA site, instantly identifying it as a part of the ARCA family. From a development perspective, a robust content management system was a high priority, as well as a newsroom with recent news and downloadable recent material.