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Bomberg, Hanson & Associates

February 2015
Wordpress Development
Responsive Design
BHA website

Bomberg, Hanson & Associates, a team of Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors, understand the connection between their clients’ business and personal financial issues. Which is why they work with their clients to ensure harmony in their business and personal lives, while still helping them to achieve their goals. That’s why you will always find the BHA advisors, “at the intersection of business and family.”

When we were approached by BHA, they had recently updated their branding collateral (logos, fonts, ect.). We utilized those standards to create a new design that reflected their professional, yet modern positioning.  We implemented content management capabilities, allowing designated BHA personnel the ability to update relevant site content without requiring design, development or agency resources. Finally, we implemented a responsive design, allowing their site to be easily browsed regardless of device.