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Pinky Swear Foundation

December 2014
Drupal Development
Responsive Design
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Formerly known as the Miracles of Mitch Foundation, the Pinky Swear Foundation was established by Steve and Becky Chepokas in memory of their son, Mitch. Offering financial assistance to families whose children have received a cancer diagnosis, the Pinky Swear Foundation helps ease the difficult transitions that can accompany that diagnosis. Since 2003, the Pinky Swear Foundation has provided more than $4.5 million dollars to families in need.

A complete and total rebrand is a daunting prospect for any company, but especially so for a non-profit. However, the Pinky Swear Foundation knew that they were in good hands when they engaged us for their new website. Our project for The Pinky Swear Foundation was twofold- we first conducted the rebrand, creating an entirely new design and brand standards for the foundation. Upon completion, we launched a mini-site, which alerted site users as to the foundation’s name change. Shortly thereafter, we launched their full site, which included the ability to accept donations. 

“Irish Titan has been nothing but positive in helping the rebranding of the Pinky Swear Foundation and our new website! Pinky Swear Foundation is on the trajectory to grow rapidly across the country and the team at Irish Titan worked quickly with our staff to realize the vision for our new website in time for our launch last December.  As Pinky Swear Foundation expands to help even more kids with cancer and their families, feedback from across the country about our new website has been incredible.  As we grow, Irish Titan is still working with our staff to tweak and update the site as needed.  We are grateful to the Irish Titian Team for taking a vested interest in working with us as a partner in our organization’s mission of helping kids with cancer and their families where ever they may live. They are true Keepers of the Pinky Swear.”

Brian Nelson
Executive Director