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RAVE Sports

March 2015
Magento Development
Website Design
RAVE sports website on a computer and a phone

Founded in 1996, RAVE Sports didn't just jump on the water sports bandwagon - they created it. With a commitment to providing serious fun for everyone in your family, RAVE Sports develops high-quality water sports products and is the originator of the inflatable water trampoline. An industry innovator, RAVE has developed a fun and exciting brand, creating unique products that can be enjoyed by everyone and that will keep you on the water all summer long.

When we began our relationship with RAVE, their site was functional, but highly confusing from a user experience perspective, due to the navigational setup. Prior to beginning our engagement, RAVE operated three seperate websites under the RAVE umbrella, requiring users to bounce from site to site to find their desired product. We migrated all of their sites to one new Magento platform, making it easier and more intuitive for users to reach their desired goal. Additionally, design was a major priority - we created a new design that is fun, exciting, and compelling, while still demonstrating the quality of RAVE Sports products.

Integration was another major component for the new site - RAVE uses the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains ERP system for all of their ordering, customers, fulfillment, and other operations.  As the majority of their sales occurred through in-house reps, it was important that we keep Magento inventory up-to-date with actuals.  We also pulled expected ship dates into Magento, so users could backorder items and know how long it would take for the order to be fulfilled.  We also placed all orders and customers into their ERP so their customer service team can work exclusively out of Great Plains when fulfilling orders.  Since RAVE Sports had issues with Microsoft getting an API connector for their Great Plains server, we worked through a file transfer and direct SQL load method to complete the integration.