two dogs jumping in pool

Top Dog Country Club

October 2014
Drupal Development
Responsive Design
website on devices

Known as the “un-kennel”, the Top Dog Country Club redefined standards for dog care.  World-renowned for their facilities, Top Dog Country Club is frequently likened to the “Marriott for Dogs”, offering fun and activities for dogs on vacation. Their former site did not reflect the level of sophistication and attention to detail that dog-owners have come to expect of the brand, this requiring a site rework.

A content management system was the major priority for the new site. The CMS needed to allow Top Dog Country Club personnel to update and edit the website, by editing text, adding new pages, and uploading files. Implementation is user-friendly, allowing web-based editing to occur from any computer. In terms of the website, design and interactive functionality were major components. This included responsive design, updated user experience, and site functionality such as client testimonials, updated site transitions and site architecture.