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Verify Brand

August 2013
Drupal Development
Responsive Design
website on devices

A recognized leader in developing, deploying and supporting supply chain security and management systems, Verify Brand continues to provide business value to their clients by providing solutions that are driven by customer strategies and goals. Since they completed a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity project in 2001, Verify Brand has continued to serve as a pioneer and innovator of patented authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

The previous Verify Brand site conveyed a muddled service offering, failing to promote their unique offering and differentiation from their competitors. Through a new and improved web presence, Verify Brand is now better equipped to tell their story and promoting their products, thus bolstering confidences in their services and helping to grow their business. We helped achieve this through an updated visual design, complete with an enhanced user experience that better promotes their messaging and reinforces their positioning as a highly professional and trustworthy organization.