Wahoo Fitness

August 2013
Magento Development
Responsive Design
website on devices

Atlanta-based Wahoo Fitness is dedicated to providing the everyday athlete with high caliber exercise sensors designed to help improve exercise regimes. Wahoo Fitness takes advantage of the high levels of functionality provided by smartphones – functionality that often remains untapped by users when exercising. By exercising smarter, users are able to benefit more from their workouts and achieve their exercise goals.

Wahoo Fitness was referred to us directly from Magento, as they were looking for a partner that would be able to work with their in-house development team. We provided that partnership, providing development consulting where needed, while performing some of the more complex development work. Given Wahoo’s established international audience, they needed the Magento Enterprise platform that would support their multiple international sites. Beyond development, we also provided the project management and assisted with the initial site design and site architecture.

At the time, Wahoo Fitness shipped their products out of four fulfillment centers, in different locations. They needed a Magento site that would automatically place orders with the correct fulfillment centers, saving massive of amounts of internal time that was previously dedicated to manually entering the data.  Two of the fulfillment centers used a SOAP API to accept orders, with the others using a file transfer method.  Each fulfillment center had a different way of returning shipping information for customer notification.  Based on a customer’s shipping address, we would place the Magento order in the correct fulfillment center, and link the shipment and tracking number back to the order upon shiment.