You have 3 seconds to capture their attention.

If you're still reading this, we've done our jobs. 


It’s the 3/30 rule. If your online presence can hook a user for three seconds, they’ll spend thirty. If you can keep them educated and/or entertained for those thirty seconds, they’ll give you three minutes. And if you can hold them for three minutes, then boom! you have yourself a client.

Everybody and their Mama has a website today (or for you entrepreneurs, 2... or 3... or 8.) So how are you going to ensure that your desired user stays on your site for those three minutes? By giving them a fully functional web presence that actually, legitimately supports your business needs... not just a flashy website that's all sparkle and no substance. 

Every single Titan on our team is explicitly web-focused (in addition to being B1O2 focused.) Which means web designers and web developers. All of whom are experts in their fields. They will work with you to develop an intimate understanding of what makes you different and use that to create the website that your prospects and clients actually want to use AND that supports your brand and gives you killer functionality. In short, everything you've always wanted your website to be. 

Basically, we don't print banners to hang in your local subway, while dabbling in web on the side. We focus on it.

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Our Drupal Partnership

Drupal is an open-source software platform that can be developed and operated by anyone who can read and write PHP. Drupal is an awesome option for “brochureware,” “marketing,” “company” (or otherwise stated) websites – websites that are driven by content management needs, often used to support marketing goals. If features and functionality are important to you, it’s also a great platform to support those additions and enhancements.

Drupal offers a robust and flexible content management system (CMS) which allows administrative users to easily edit, update and alter site content and page layouts. It also offers a highly flexible backend framework, making it easy for open-source developers to customize the platform to your exact requirements and wants for your website. Which is nice when you need things done a certain way. Things like client or customer portals, minimal eCommerce, CRM and ERP integration are all possible with Drupal. 

And since we like to work with the best of the best, it's the platform that we use most frequently for non-eCommerce builds. To date, our team has worked on literally hundreds of Drupal projects. So you could say that we know a thing or two about Drupal best practices.

 69 Sites Launched Together



If you want a website that actually supports your business, then you need a partner that will think about your business first, and the online element second. Which is exactly what we do.

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