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Case Study

Tradehome Shoes

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Their foray into ecommerce, Tradehome shoes is a 100-year-old brand with 100+ locations. Shopify, custom integrations, multi-store, and multi-warehouse. Their results? 7x return on investment and 7 figure impressions in the first year of ecommerce.

Tradehome Shoes's website in desktop and mobile screenshots.

WHY Tradehome Shoes is a 100-year-old, employee-owned business with 100+ locations across the US. They’re a staple in every community in which they have a store, and have a strong brand connection with their customers. They’re well-recognized and well-loved.

HOW For many years, they were intentional in their absence of an ecommerce channel. They wanted to maintain their strong brand image and worried about a website encroaching on physical store’s sales.

This shifted in 2019. They decided it was time to dive into the ecommerce game, and they trusted Irish Titan to take them online for the first time. We worked with the Tradehome team to design, architect, and develop a new ecommerce storefront (with refreshed branding!) that met their unique business requirements.

They needed:

  • To connect online and offline sales. Driving people into stores was very important.

  • To prepare data and systems to play nicely with their ecommerce platform.

  • Refreshed branding that works across all their stores, digitally and physically.

  • Strong customer loyalty and customer reward systems.

Tradehome Shoes's website screenshots showing PLP, homepage, and an email example

WHAT We integrated Shopify with Tradehome’s POS (Cybex). We went through a collaborative, rigorous exercise to update their brand, while respecting the strong equity they’ve already built increasing brand flexibility online.

We tapped Annex Cloud for significantly stronger customer loyalty. We also focused on driving people into stores with ‘Ship to Store’, Bold Store Locator, and ‘My Home Store’ selections for customers.

RESULTS When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, Tradehome was forced to completely shutdown all of their retail stores. In an effort to provide continued revenue streams, we accelerated the timeline, ultimately launching the site three weeks early. This required laser-like focus on prioritization, scoping and QA efficiencies.

Tradehome has been on track to significantly expand their digital marketing and ecommerce presence in the future.

7x return on investment
7 figure impressions